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Be Powerwise

Everyone wants to their bit to help the environment - and even better if you can save money on your power bills at the same time! It's good to know that reducing our use of energy and water at home will help to leave the planet in a better state for our kids and future generations.

When you shop at 100% Applicances, there are plenty of ways we can help you Be Power Wise. For instance, we're a partner of the EECA Energy Star programme - so we can always help you choose the most energy-efficient appliances.

Here are some great power-saving (and money-saving!) ideas:

Energy RatingCheck out our energy ratings
All the different manufacturers promote their energy-saving features – so how can you compare what’s what?
It’s easy, with these two independent energy ratings:

Look for the yellow-and-red Energy Rating labels on major appliances. This helps you compare energy consumption
among similar models – and the more stars it has, the more energy efficient it is.

.Energy Star

The blue ENERGY STAR® mark is awarded to the top 25% most energy-efficient appliances in each category.
You’ll find it on a range of products – from dishwashers to freezers, heat pumps to TVs.

All whiteware appliances have the red and yellow energy ratings labels, which tell you how much energy an appliance uses each year, and let you compare energy use between similar models.

But only the products with top energy performance qualify for the blue ENERGY STAR mark.

The blue ENERGY STAR® mark makes it easy for you to tell which products are the most energy efficient, because it’s only awarded to the top 25% most energy efficient appliances in each category.

Since ENERGY STAR products use less electricity to do the same job, you’ll not only save money on your power bill, but also do your bit to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

You’ll find the mark on an increasing number of products including heat pumps, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, stereos, DVD players and computers
ENERGY STAR is run in New Zealand by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and is proudly supported by 100% Appliance Stores throughout New Zealand.

So if you see the blue ENERGY STAR label on a product in a 100% Appliance Store you can be confident that you are choosing one of the most efficient appliances available.